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For Immediate Release:
 February 14th, 2022 


“Fair Play for Arkansas - 2022 announces expansion of Signature Campaign”

Russellville, AR – “Fair Play for Arkansas -2022” (Fair Play) today announced the expansion of their 2022 statewide ballot initiative campaign, to honor the will of the people and stop the proposed casino mandated on Pope County. The goal of this initiative is to remove Pope County from Amendment 100 of the Arkansas Constitution.

Fair Play spokesman Hans Stiritz stated: “We are excited to have broad support from community partners, churches, businesses, and elected officials. We recently hired new canvassing support staff, and we are confident about gathering the required signatures by the July 8th deadline.”

In 2018, over 60% of voters in Pope County opposed Amendment 100, which mandated a casino in Pope County. Nearly 70% of county voters supported a local ordinance to require community support before the selection of a casino vendor, which never occurred. “Ultimately, the chaotic process by which a casino vendor was selected only underscores the need for our campaign,” Stiritz noted.

Stiritz continued, “Thankfully, we have a chance to right this wrong and give the state a chance to honor the local will of the voters and remove once and for all the mandate to locate a casino in Pope County.”

The drive to remove Pope County from Amendment 100 continues to gain local and statewide momentum, with supporters including State Senator Breanne Davis, State Representative Joe Cloud, Russellville Mayor Richard Harris, state legislative candidates Rick Harrell and David Howell, county judge candidate Joe Pearson, Pope County Quorum Court and Russellville City Council members, and hundreds of churches and active volunteers across the state.

In addition to their grassroots advocacy and financial support network, Fair Play has received additional support from Choctaw Nation for gathering signatures. “I think all of us recognize the challenge faced by a local, grassroots organization in mounting a statewide campaign,” Stiritz observed. “We’re grateful for contributors like Choctaw Nation willing to respect our county’s position and support our effort to remove that mandate.”


Stiritz concluded, “Fair Play’s position hasn’t changed - we just ask for Pope County voters to be respected and supported. If the initiative makes the ballot, on November 8th, voters can end once and for all the embarrassing casino drama that has plagued our county for far too long.”

About “Fair Play for Arkansas - 2022”
Fair Play for Arkansas - 2022 is a locally organized Ballot Question Committee, with a goal of supporting a Constitutional Amendment to remove a potential casino from Pope County. You can visit their website at

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