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Gambling interests are desperately trying to bring a casino to Pope County, over the objections of our community. 


In 2018, out-of-state casino developers wrote Pope County into a statewide ballot initiative to legalize casino gambling in just four counties in Arkansas—without any input from Pope County citizens.


It turns out that Pope County voters don’t want a casino. We rejected Amendment 100 by a 3-2 margin, the highest NO vote of any county in the state.


Unfortunately, a new amendment is the only way Pope County can be removed from our constitution. We deserve what 71 other counties in Arkansas enjoy: the freedom to live without a controversial gambling development forced on us.


No statewide mandate should affect an individual community that has clearly and repeatedly shown at the ballot box that it doesn’t want to participate in the exploitation inherent in the gambling industry.


Give Pope County FAIR PLAY. Stand with us to remove Pope County from Amendment 100.


For more information on how to sign our ballot petition, or how to support our cause, you can submit the form below, and we'll be in touch - thanks!

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