Fair Play for Arkansas, a grass-roots Ballot Question Committee from Pope County, was unable to submit petitions by the July 6 deadline to place the removal of Pope County from Amendment 100 on the November 2020 ballot.


When we launched this campaign in June, a federal judge had ruled that signatures could be submitted on petitions without a notarized witness, which would have allowed our volunteer network to operate safely within the limitations of the pandemic. Unfortunately, that ruling was stayed and will likely remain overturned. Despite the challenges of collecting signatures during this time, we were extremely encouraged by the thousands of Arkansans across the state who enthusiastically supported our efforts.


Going forward, the citizens of Pope County will continue to fight for the same freedom from predatory gambling and intrusion on our community enjoyed by 71 counties in our state. We will use every available political, judicial, and legislative avenue to stop out-of-state interests from forcing their (elsewhere illegal) business into our community.


Thanks to the many volunteers and signers representing 65 counties across the state that recognized the injustice of Amendment 100 in Pope County, and to the hundreds of churches that participated in this effort. Many, many voters agree that no statewide mandate should affect an individual community that has clearly and repeatedly shown at the ballot box that it doesn’t want to participate in the exploitation inherent in the gambling industry.

If you need to reach us, send us email at info(at)fairplayforarkansas(dot)org.

Thanks again!